Windows 10 available FREE!

The Windows 10 offer

Microsoft is giving away for free Windows 10 to legitimate users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The offer lasts for one year from 29th  July when the download will become available. You can reserve your copy now but you don’t have to and the download will be about 3GB so it will take at least 20 minutes and could be over an hour to install.

Why are Microsoft giving it away?

Perhaps they are not really giving it away. This offer is only available for individuals (not companies) who represent a small section of the market but an influential one who are more likely to champion a perceived generous offer.

There is also a move towards a universal operating system for all devices. Phones, tablets, computers and also the ‘Internet of things’ (turn on your deep fat fryer from your phone). Getting everyone on the same operating system must be good for Microsoft.

So what is Windows 10 like?

It looks like a cross between Window 7 and Windows 8. The start button is back with the list of your programmes as in 7 but it opens out to reveal the apps area as in 8. This means you can just do your thing without the operating system getting in the way.

A new browser called Edge with built in Cortana. Talk to your computer best friend and save all that typing.

Windows 10 will also support multiple, virtual desktops. This lets users create individual desktops setups for work, music, photo manipulation etc.

Should I update to Windows 10?

This upgrade appears to put right the problems encountered with Windows 8 and generally moves on the operating system. You should have no compatibility problems with particular programmes if they worked with 7 or 8.

I would say embrace Windows 10 but not perhaps on 29th July. Wait a few days to see if any problems occur, you are bound to hear about them.




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